2022 Flatiron Consulting Summit

Join us at the Leeds School of Business on Monday, April 11th from 6 - 8:30 PM MST

The Leeds Consulting Group is excited to announce its second annual Flatiron Consulting Summit, open to all students and majors at CU Boulder. Join us for an evening of explorative and exhilarating presentations, workshops, and fireside chats with current and former CU Buffs who are excelling in careers in healthcare, technology, consulting, and the wider business field.

We encourage students interested in any career path to attend to gain valuable advice, skill development, and networking opportunities at this conference. The summit will have students representing a diverse range of organizations, including McKinsey & Company, DaVita, Deloitte, Boston Consulting Group, Guidehouse, and Bain & Company. Find out how you can jumpstart your career in management, environmental, healthcare, software, or strategy consulting or any other career path by attending this conference.

2022 Conference Schedule

Join us for the whole time or attend the workshops that fit with your schedule!

Conference Kickoff

Koelbel Room 217 (just changed)

6:00pm - 6:20pm

Join the Leeds Consulting Group executive team for the kickoff of the first annual Flatiron Consulting Summit! We'll discuss logistics for the night and introduce our fantastic guest speakers.

*More speaker details to be added by the end of the week

Breakout Workshops

KOBL Rooms 123 and 125

6:30pm - 8:30pm

Workshop 1: 6:30pm - 6:55pm

KOBL Room 125

Caitlin O'Neill: Crash Course on Carbon Accounting

Caitlin O’Neill is a senior studying Environmental Studies and Business Analytics. She is passionate about leveraging the power of business for environmental and social good. After graduation, Caitlin will join Bain & Company as Associate Consultant. In the past, she has worked for EDF Renewables (a multinational renewable energy developer) and Homecourt Partners (a boutique renewable energy consulting firm).

KOBL Room 123

Brett Brenner: Finding Values - Let's be Honest (with yourself)

Brett Brenner is a senior at the Leeds School of Business with a dual emphasis in Finance and Accounting as well as a certificate in Leadership. Brett is passionate about building genuine connections and relationships with others and developing their passions to align with their goals. After graduation, Brett will be joining DaVita’s Denver office as a Redwoods Analyst working on Team Transformation - a consulting-based team in their People Services division. Leeds Consulting Group gave Brett the community he needed to develop fundamental problem-solving skills to help his community, his organizations, and his future.

Workshop 2: 7:00pm - 7:25pm

KOBL Room 125

Grace Kroeger: Success and Doing Less

Grace is a senior at CU wrapping up degrees in economics and environmental studies with honors designation. She has been involved in Leeds Consulting Group, the Presidents Leadership Class, Chi Omega and CU Student Government. As former president of LCG, Grace is passionate about leveraging consulting skills contribute to a clean energy economy and mitigate climate change. After school, Grace will be starting as a consultant at Guidehouse in the Energy and Sustainability department. Outside of school Grace loves to mountain bike, ski, trail run and is taking time off before starting her job at Guidehouse to travel in France, Switzerland, and Austria.

KOBL Room 123

Ethan Meyer: Third Order Failure

Ethan Meyer is a Junior at CU’s School of Engineering studying Computer Science and Data Science. Within Leeds Consulting Group, Ethan has served in a few roles including Vice President of Finance and Engagement Manager for a project with Google Cloud. Like many LCGers, Ethan is a shameless Patagonia fiend and loves spending time in the outdoors, especially at Winter Park Resort where he volunteers on weekends as a Ski Patroller. Ethan is passionate about building data-driven solutions to complex issues and is excited to be joining Boston Consulting Group as an incoming Summer Associate.

Workshop 3: 7:30pm - 7:55pm

KOBL Room 125

Zach East: Purpose & Authenticity—The Key to Meaningful Work and Life

Zach graduated from the Leeds School of Business in the May of 2021, and has since focused his professional pursuits in the financial services and ESG strategy spaces. He is incredibly passionate about empowering individuals to enact meaningful change in the world and seeks to cultivate lasting relationships with his friends, family, clients, and fellow Buffs. During Zach's time with LCG, he co-launched the Leeds One-2-One casing group to help support fellow LCG-ers and Buffs at large, with consulting case interview preparation.

KOBL Room 123

Emma Pearson: Uniting Passions with Your Career

Emma is a senior pursuing a Dual Degree in Finance and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology. In her time at CU, she founded and currently serves as the Executive Director of a marine conservation nonprofit, conducted research for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and interned for Boston Consulting Group. Upon graduation, she will be returning to BCG as an Associate with hopes to catalyze change by continuing to pursue the intersection of science, policy, and business.

Workshop 4: 8:00pm - 8:25pm

KOBL Room 125

Geordi Emnett: History, and Purpose, Finding your North Star

Geordi Emnett is a 2021 CU grad with a background in Environmental Engineering, environmental policy, and entrepreneurship. Geordi started his career in consulting in 2019 at the McKinsey & Company Denver office. At McKinsey he has worked in transforming Fortune 25 energy clients, helping health care systems and devices increase patient value, accelerating critical work in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and most recently in rapidly scaling solar operations. Geordi is passionate about taking consulting's communication, critical thinking and analytical skills and using them to advance change in key issue areas like decarbonization, climate action, and effective governance.

KOBL Room 123

Michael Bortnowski: Risk, Reward, and Revelation: Thoughtful Approaches to Strategic Decision Making

Michael is a senior pursuing a degree in Business Analytics, a minor in Economics, and a certificate in Social Responsibility and Ethics. At CU, he has been in various leadership roles within CESR Fellows, Leeds Consulting Group, and Leeds Student Government. He is passionate about problem-solving, mentorship, DE&I work, sustainability, rallying people behind shared goals and aspirations, and maximizing his impact. Upon graduation, he will be returning to Bain & Company as an Associate Consultant, helping to open their brand-new Denver office, and hopes to work at the juncture of corporate strategy and social impact.


2021 Flatiron Consulting Summit

A look back into the inaugural conference...

Conference Kickoff

Introduction Recording

Join the Leeds Consulting Group executive team for the kickoff of the first annual Flatiron Consulting Summit! We'll discuss logistics for the night and introduce our fantastic guest speakers.

Your Life w/ Grace Kroeger

How do we find balance and purpose in our career paths?


Grace is a junior at CU pursuing degrees in Economics and Environmental Studies and has been involved in Leeds Consulting Group, the Presidents Leadership Class, Chi Omega, and the Sustainability Council of CU Student Government. As former President for LCG, Grace is passionate about leveraging consulting skills to contribute to a clean energy economy and mitigating climate change. Outside of school, Grace loves to ski, hike, and trail run, and hopes to take time off after school to do a ski touring trip through the Swiss Alps.

Exploring Investment Banking w/ Atul Raguveer


Atul Raguveer is a Junior studying Finance at the Leeds School of Business. He’s held an investor position at TJF Capital and held a summer analyst position at GLC Advisors, an investment bank in Denver. Atul is involved in Global Platinum Securities, the Leeds Student Government, and the Leeds Consulting Group. He will be working at Morgan Stanley’s Investment Banking Division in New York City this summer. He will be sharing some insight into what investment banking is, the recruiting process, and some of the exit opportunities.

Aligning Your Core Values w/ Jeff Erickson


Jeff Erickson is a senior studying Applied Mathematics and Actuarial Studies. During his college career, he has worked on consulting projects for the Colorado Youth Correctional department, and the Leeds School of Business. He has also worked for Jim Collins, and most recently, he spent the summer working in strategic communications for DaVita. When he isn’t running the school spirit group Buffs Going Bananas, Jeff enjoys diving into core values work with his roommates, grilling, and snowboarding.

The Big Three: Why, How, and What w/ Emma Pearson


Emma Pearson is a junior at CU studying Finance and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Emma is passionate about marine conservation, problem-solving, and helping others find career opportunities that unite their interests and academic skillsets. During the Flatiron Consulting Summit, she hopes to share valuable tips for perfecting your resume and cover letter, as well as address any Big 3 consulting firm recruitment questions that attendees have.

The Living Network w/ Rebecca Litton


Rebecca Litton is a current analyst at Deloitte Consulting who focuses on business strategy & analytics at the firm. Her deep interests lie within foreign policy, Executive Branch affairs, and global health. In her free time, she volunteers as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for children experiencing abuse and neglect. Rebecca is a CU Leeds Alum and former Vice President of Development for Leeds Consulting Group.

What It Means To Fail w/ Eyob Abai


Eyob Abai is a senior at CU studying Business with an emphasis in Finance and Information Management. He has been involved with Leeds Consulting Group in several capacities and is currently President of Leeds Student Government. Eyob is passionate about people-centric leadership practices, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) work, and hopes to continue having a positive impact on his communities into the future. After graduation this spring, Eyob plans on joining McKinsey & Company’s Denver office as a Business Analyst.

A Collection of Tales From a McKinsey Intern w/ Geordi Emnett


Geordi Emnett is a Senior in Environmental Engineering with professional experience in entrepreneurship and business management consulting at McKinsey & Company. At McKinsey he has worked in transforming Fortune 25 energy sector clients, helping health care systems better serve their communities, and accelerating critical work in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Geordi is passionate about taking consulting’s critical thinking and analytical skills and using them to find and advance change in key issue areas like poverty alleviation, climate action, and effective governance.

An Unexpected Journey w/ Mike Bortnowski

7:45pm to 8:15pm

Recording Exclusive to LCG Members Only (See Google Drive)

Mike has worn many hats as a part of LCG including being a former VP, Engagement Manager, and Senior/Junior Analyst. He is currently a junior at Leeds studying Business Analytics, and passionate about using business strategy as a force for social impact within organizations. He loves all things outdoors and is excited to be an Associate Consultant Intern at Bain & Company this summer.

Closing session

8:15pm to 8:30pm


Join the LCG Executive Team at the conclusion of the conference to learn more about Leeds Consulting Group and how you can get involved! The speakers will also be available during this time to answer any questions.