Working with businesses for nearly a decade

Our Value Add

Each semester, LCG consultants assist a select pool of clients’ most pressing business and strategic problems. Known as engagements, these projects offer our clients the necessary collaboration to achieve their goals. Previous and present endeavors span a range of sectors including start-up companies, non-profit organizations, and established businesses. As far as our value proposition, we help an organization with any number of business problems through in-depth research and innovative, sustainable recommendations and solutions.

Our Services

Finance & Accounting

Financial Analysis

Financial Planning

Financial Management

Financial Modeling



Marketing Planning

Pricing Analysis

Social Media Strategy

Market Research

Operations & Management

Increasing Process Efficiency

Supply Chain Optimization

Employee & Resource Management

Data Analysis & Visualization


Market Entry

Growth Strategy

Product Development


Research and Analysis

Policy Recommendations

Program Implementation

Project Structure

Our teams consist of four to five consulting analysts, including one engagement manager (EM), to solve our clients' most challenging business problems. Typical engagements run over the course of a semester (10-12 weeks) from project start to finish. Before the project starts, the client can expect to meet with our VP of Engagements, who will draft a statement of work (SOW) to be signed by both client and analysts to outline the expected workload, timeline, and final deliverable. From there, the client and analyst team will likely meet two to three times over the course of the semester with a culminating meeting to present the final deliverable.