LCG Links


Links will serve as a program to drive engagement between Junior and Senior Analysts within Leeds Consulting Group. Through promoting casual connections outside of meetings, new members will become better acquainted and integrated within the LCG community.


  1. Junior Analysts will become better integrated within the community and develop meaningful connections with senior members.

  2. Junior Analysts will demonstrate accountability and commitment to organization.

  3. Senior Analysts will be able to offer advice, helping guide Junior Analysts through new member development.


  • Meetings, either in-person or remote, will be informal and will be scheduled by JA’s.

  • SA’s will create personalized slides with contact information to be shared with JA’s.

  • JA’s will submit documentation of all meetings via Google Form.

LCG Links Profiles

Senior Analyst Profiles

Alumni Introduction/Contact Slides

Alumni Profiles


  • The requirements are as follows:

    • 5 meetings with Senior Analysts

    • 2 meetings with your Mentor (M&M's)

    • 2 meetings with LCG Alumni