Leeds Consulting Group


LCG is a CU Boulder organization that provides top performing students with the tools they need to be diverse-thought leaders in the business world. We perform strategy consulting for our clients to help them solve some of their most challenging business problems.


In well-trained teams of 4-5 students, LCG advises our clients across a varierty of industries and problems. The diverse backgrounds of our analysts allow them to be well equipped in helping businesses and non-profits of all types to navigate a wealth of issues.


LCG selectively recruits students at CU Boulder who embody curiosity, diversity, and grit. We provide training, experience, and community to our analysts enabling them to become agents of change in their missions, passions, and future careers.


Leeds Consulting Group connects, educates, and enables students at the University of Colorado Boulder to become agents of change in their missions and passions.


Leeds Consulting Group is a diverse community of thought leaders dedicated to identifying, analyzing, and solving the world's most important problems.