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Application Details

Leeds Consulting Group seeks highly motivated, accomplished students to join our organization. We hold recruitment periods twice a year, at the beginning of each semester. All University of Colorado Boulder students, from all majors, are encouraged to apply. Applicants are asked to submit a resume and cover letter.

After a member review, top candidates are selected for first-round behavioral interviews. Top students from the behavioral interview are then chosen for a final round case interview. Following this final round, our best candidates are notified of their acceptance.

The application for the Spring 2021 recruitment cycle is now closed. We will be opening the application for our fall recruitment cycle in August. If you would like to get in contact with us, please click the button below.

Analyst ExperiencE

Leeds Consulting Group analysts are high-achieving students who come from a broad range of majors and disciplines at the University of Colorado. Our analysts work in engagement teams to help clients solve some of their most challenging problems. Being an analyst with LCG is a highly rewarding and immersive experience into the consulting world. New knowledge and skills are learned on a daily basis to enable success in a variety of future aspirations. We value our strong community and LCG family!

Who We Look For

- Diverse backgrounds and experiences

- Strong proclivity for leadership and teamwork

- Ambition and dedication to making meaningful impact

- Analytical and creative problem-solving capabilities

Alumni Achievements

LCG analysts expand on the knowledge and skills gained during their time in the organization to be leaders in a variety of fields and firms post-graduation. Check out some of the places you can find LCG alumni today.